♡ nicole ♡
17 // gay // satx


I love her because she is the same kind of fucked up as me.

Because she just wants to be bitten and bruised

until she can’t feel her ex anymore.

I see something in her eyes sometimes,

I can’t put my  finger on it

but it is familiar and I feel it in my gut

and I feel that her demons would sleep well with mine

if she could trust me enough to let them rest side by side.

She tries so hard to appear happy

but I think she is the saddest person I know

besides myself

because her legs are decorated with scars

just like mine.

I saw her cry once

and I buried my face in her neck so she wouldn’t see me tear up

because I felt her pain in my bones, too.

I knew her before she was sad and mean

and she has resided in the back of my mind  for years until recently

and now I want her so bad it hurts.

I love her

but I cannot tell her so.

1 hour ago

Today I met a girl with the same molecule tattoo that I have in the same exact place.


1 day ago
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